Sweetgreen is one of the developing firms that provide better farm-table that is good for every person diet. The firm was which is recognized as one of the top food chains which the main goals of the firm are to guarantee that they offer organic and fresh food to their customer.

The uniqueness of the company is providing the organic food while other top organization offers junk food. Most of individual prefer Sweetgreen food these is because of the healthy food that they provide and its good for their diet hence the organization make more returns and it develops rapidly.

Nathaniel Ru is and his two friends when they started the top salad chain it was a small business but with time it was able to expand. The significance that enables them to start is they notice a gap of the food industry during their time in the University. Most of the restaurants did not offer better food and they were less hence it was hard for a student in the campus to obtain food.

In the United States, Sweetgreen is known as the top restaurants and it is located in over sixty places in the United States. Also, mobile app and website some of the technology that is used to complete dealing of the organization and thirty percent of the organization is run by them.

Clients are grateful for the technology because it enables them to attain products very fast and it’s cheap to use hence these increase the clients in the company.

Technology has created a major impact in the company theses is according to Nathaniel Ru hence he always insists on coming up with innovative ways to improve the services that they provide to their clients.

The success of the organization is due to the assistance of top financials bankers such as Steve Case, Daniel Boloud, and Danny Meyer. Their sufficient skills in the food industry financial sector enable things to be simpler for Nathaniel Ru and his co-partners.

Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders were able to manage the organization more swiftly due to the improved supervision techniques which enabled them to be always ahead of their challengers.

Also what makes the business to expand is the circulation of a good system to the arrears that they operate on and not the central headquarter these are according to the three CEO’S. Employees who work at restaurants are able to get a day free which is an act of the organization culture.

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