Attorneys for people in all areas of New York are now extremely easier to find. This has been made possible through the Madison County Courier. This is an online establishment that was put together by the New York Bar Association and a national bar association called This service is completely free, and nobody has to sign-up for anything.


All individuals searching for a lawyer visit the online establishment and fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire is filled with detailed questions to connect the individual with the perfect lawyer. These questions are meant to get to the core of the problem. For example, how much money do you have to budget on a lawyer? What type of lawyer do you believe you need? Please explain your situation in detail? These are just some of the questions that will be asked on the questionnaire.


Once all of the needed information is collected, the individual will be able to choose from about 20 different lawyers. The information regarding these lawyers is accurate and updated daily. This includes a link to their website and a link to the most recent reviews regarding them and their firm.


The thousands of people already satisfied with this service must thank Jerry L. Goldstein, esquire. Jerry Goldstein is an attorney who attended New York University and was at the top of his class. Jerry’s internships required him to legally fight for people and companies who could not fight for themselves. Jerry used the great knowledge he received in his studies to help the lowliest people within the community.


After starting his own firm and becoming more than successful, Jerry Goldstein was interested in giving back to the public. He believed the best way to do this was to help the public secure affordable attorneys at any moment.

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