Julia JacksonWouldn’t it be great if you could actually work at a job that you truly love? Wouldn’t it feel great to be an importance figure of the company? These two questions actually personify who Julia Jackson is and what she has achieved. Julia Jackson is well-known throughout the winemaking industry. She’s similar to a jack of all trades. The Santa Maria Valley is home to where she works, and it just so happens to be one of the major players in the wine producing industry. Jackson Family Wines is the actual company, and it was started by her father Jess Jackson. Her mother, Barbara Banke, handled more of the business end of things. Julia and her older siblings have been operating the family business for a large portion of their lives and as of today, Jackson Family Wines is at the apex of the industry. Julia is a very accomplished individual.

Julia JacksonThis woman has studied at Scripps College, has attended Stanford University, has numerous degrees/certificates, and she is a vital spokesperson for the family business. Her non-profit organization, Seeds of Empowerment, donates up to $100,000 on an annual basis. This organization celebrates the empowerment of women. Julia also does a great deal of artwork thanks to her educational background in studio art. She personally updates the look of the company’s website as well as provide design artwork for the wine bottles. She seems to have a hand in a number of tasks, but this is what she truly loves to do. TepusQuet Vineyard Syrah is one of the companies popular wines. This wine has a deep purple hue, is rich in flavor and has a nice balanced taste. Jackson Family Wines does it big on every type of wine. This place has up to a total of 200 years in the experience department, and it will hopefully be around for another 200 years in the future.

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