Robert Ivy is an important contributor to the architectural field and serves as the head of one of the most prestigious institutions in the field. He currently stands as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of an organization known as the American Institute of Architects. The organization has contributed significantly to the developments that the field has witnessed, and has helped architects all over the country by providing them with the tools to be able to carry out their profession in a much more efficient manner.

Ivy came to the position of CEO of the organization with an incredible amount of experience in the field to back him up. He has worked in different facets of the field, which has given him a better understanding of what projects the American Institute of Architects has to undertake. The first job that Ivy partook when he graduated college was as an architect at an incredibly well-known firm. He worked on several projects and offered his services to several clients there. He worked hard to rise up the ranks and eventually decided to become a partner at a firm which bore his name. The company was known as Dean, Dale, and Ivy, and Ivy was an essential part of the entire process of development that the company experienced.

In addition to working as an architect, Ivy has also worked with several architectural media and publication companies. He has been working for a magazine known as Architectural Record for the past several years and has been serving as their Editor in Chief for most of them. HIs past experience contributed immensely to the growth that the publication saw, and his expertise helped the magazine figure out what to put in their pages to attract a larger readership. Today, the magazine is one of the most well known architectural publications, and a lot of the credit for its position in the industry goes to Robert Ivy and the efforts that he put in.

Most recently, one of the ideas that Ivy was working to implement with the American Institute of Architects was the development of technology that could improve the workings of architects. He was of the opinion that the development of apps and software can greatly benefit the overall workings of the industry, and is something that architects need in the age of technology that we currently live in. To this effect, the American Institute of Architects made an announcement calling software developers and app designers to collaborate with them for this purpose.

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