The beauty of the world is that no one is exactly the same. Regardless of the similarities people share, whether they are from the same town, enthusiasts of the same sport or from the same country every person has qualities that are distinctive and that make them who they are. These distinctions can trickle down to professions and career interests. There are some people who faint at the sight of blood and there are other people who are excited about the thrill of learning how to perform the kind of surgery that could save a patient’s life no matter how much blood is involved. Some people are enthusiastic about the prospect of teaching teenagers about the joys of English literature while other people get clammy hands at the prospect of having to stand up in front of a group of people and speak in public everyday for a living.

But despite all of these separate interests and proclivities the world needs every kind of professional in order to function. It needs bold teachers who can make students excited about learning and it needs introverts who are comfortable spending long periods of time doing work that requires isolation such as producing a groundbreaking scientific paper. Not only does the world need a wide variety of professions and qualified professionals it needs people who are willing to serve as advocates and translators that explain a particular industry’s contribution to society. Sometimes the general public is not aware of how vital an industry is to making the world a better place. Accomplished professionals such as architect Robert Ivy often take it upon themselves to explain the importance of their work to the wider world.


Robert Ivy does the important work of helping the world to understand the importance of architecture and the work that architects do as the chief executive officer of an organization that is known as the American Institute of Architects. The American Institute of Architects exists to serve the interests of architects in the United States and to empower architects to succeed in their work. The American Institute of Architects is a membership organization that engages in activities such as government relations and public awareness efforts with regard to educating the general public about architecture and its importance in society.

As both an accomplished communicator and architect, Robert Ivy has spent his career producing useful information for professionals that work in the world of architecture and to helping to educate communities outside of the architecture industry about the profession.

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