With the landscape of the public education sector changing and being put under a microscope, the California organization Rocketship Education has started taking public education in a new direction in low-income areas with great results. Rocketship is taking a holistic approach to educating their students where teachers are involving parents and life at home as part of the educational processes of their students. Educators are well aware that life outside of school in the home plays a big part in the education of students and Rocketship is involving the home life in education and it is helping students be more motivated. Part of the home life emphasis focuses on student’s eating habits and time management in the home on homework.

Rocketship is also utilizing an individualized approach to education based on the needs of the individual student. This approach is helping to keep students motivated to learn. In a traditional large classroom setting, educators teach the group on the same schedule which opens the door to slower students falling behind and gifted students to become bored and unmotivated. The individual academic plans are worked between the teacher, student and parents along the way for each individual student. Throughout the education plans, students are learning great time management skills and how to handle larger assignments. These skills are helping better prepare students for life after school in either college or the workforce.

The unique, holistic approach to education was started by Rocketship Education. The company is a non-profit organization based out of San Jose, California and was founded in 2007. The organization is focused on opening charter schools in low-income areas where teachers can involve the families in the education of their children. The Rocketship schools focus on K-12 grades of education. Rocketship has found great success with students by performing higher on standardized testing than their public school counterparts in the low-income areas where the organization has schools. Because of this success, Rocketship Education has expanded throughout California and to other parts of the United States as well.

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