Securus technology is known for their leading technological solutions that solve issues around public safety, corrections, investigation and prison monitoring. They are said to release new products each month which frankly explains why they are ahead of their competitors. The civil and criminal justice technology firm recently published a series of comments from past satisfied clients.


They were careful enough to label the comments anonymous so as to protect their clients. From what these comments suggest, Securus Technologies seem to be making a difference in the lives of inmates and their families, despite the frequent lawsuits they fight from rival companies. Correctional facilities that use their technology also have good things to say about Securus as outlined in the published comments.


A Review of the Comments


Part of the commentaries came from correctional facilities that used Securus’ technology to tap and monitor calls whilst investigating in-house crimes. The mission proved successful as a corrupt staff member was arrested in one of the prisons, while drugs, cell phones, weapons and contraband items were recovered from inmates in another.


Additionally, through Securus help in investigating prison crime, more correctional facilities were able to curb inmate on inmate threats and plots to breach security within the facilities. In other comments, prison officials were grateful in using Securus services to unearth hidden confessions from prisoners coaching their family members on what to say during trials.


From the commentaries, prison officials seem to be the greatest beneficiaries of Securus products, especially the LBS service and Investigator Pro software. This to Securus must be really great news since their sole goal was to always improve prison services and make incarceration centers safer.


Bottom Line


The fact that these comments are labeled anonymous may well raise the eyebrows of critics. A possible argument could be that Securus tailored this comments in a bid to improve their PR. Nonetheless, their performance record speaks for itself, and they are definitely making a difference in the civil and criminal justice departments.



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