Securus Technologies, an inmate communications company known for excellent service, has added an Inmate Forms and Grievances Application to the Connect Us page. This feature will save customers time and money. This new feature is another example of how Securus wants to ensure the best customer experience, which is why the company earned their A+ at the Better Business Bureau.

Many correctional facilities use paper forms for inmate requests and grievances. The officers time is spent distributing and collecting these forms, but with this new feature, some of these forms can be easily generated online. The officers won’t have to worry about logging them in, storing them, and archiving them.


This feature will help officers save time, inmates feel more connected, and facilities save money, so it is a win-win situation for everyone. The forms feature will allow for the inmates to speak out. The new system receives an average of 14 forms per month per inmate, so it is getting the usage to show how valuable it really is.

Securus Helps Inmates to Feel More Connected

  1. Houston Joe says:

    This time can be easily spent on security, and the inmates can feel heard, knowing their forms are being taken right away and stored electronically. They also can view the status of their forms and accept or appeal the decision. Those ordering essays online should also be aware that some changes has also been made electronically.