Securus Technologies a company that people need to watch. I think that it is definitely going to grow into a huge company within the next several years. This company has some innovative engineers in place that are designing quite a bit of interesting software. I think that this company is going to receive a lot of accolades because it speaks to a generation of young consumers that embrace technology. I have been incredibly surprised about how easy it is to engage in video visitation now.


Securus Technologies is the type of company that is making it possible for more people to embrace this world of cell phone and tablet technology through apps. This is how I discovered Securus Technologies. It has become the company that people use when they want to engage and video visitation. I definitely think that this is a good thing because it makes people appreciate just how easy it is to stay in touch when inmates if they desire to do so.


Tons of people are finding that it is also easy to communicate through jail voicemail and other things of that nature. I definitely think that Securus is giving people more options for communicating, and that makes it so much easier for inmates to stay on good behavior. They know that if they stay on good behavior that they will have a chance to engage in video visitation. This reward, in essence, can actually help prevent a lot of crime. The prison system is a much better system when Securus Technologies has software in place that can serve as an incentive for inmates to behave properly. I think that everyone can benefit from the things that Securus Technologies is bringing to the table. It is a wonderful change in technology for the Department of Corrections.


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