The most challenging part of being on the fugitive hunting task force is never knowing what type of person we are dealing with on a daily basis. One day we could be hunting someone who is forging checks, the next day a serial rapist. This month we were hunting a suspect who was terrorizing one family, because he had this obsession with his ex-girlfriend. The suspect is not willing to accept the fact she is married and moved on, and he is stalking her and has the family terrorized.


Since he was released from jail on a lengthy sentence, the suspect assumed he was going to just connect with his girlfriend who broke up with him a decade ago. He would show up at her job, threaten the husband at his job, even broke into their house on a few occasions. Each time we got close, he would slip into the darkness for a few days. Before someone was killed, we had to find and capture this fugitive, but we were running out of resources.


We received a call from a corrections officer at the state prison whom said he heard a conversation pertaining to our suspect on his inmate telephone monitoring system. Securus Technologies put that system in the prison, and it allows officers to hear all types of chatter from inmates around the clock. The LBS software scans all calls at the same time, doing the work of several officers. The system alerted the officer to a call where the an inmate was trying to get a message to our suspect.


We were able to trace the call and discovered that person of interest was going to get our suspect a gun. We were able to take down the suspect when he showed up for the gun, and perhaps avoid a deadly confrontation.


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