Who is Serge Belamant? This individual, in a nutshell, is the founder of a renowned company that’s called Zilch Technology Limited. He is a native of France, too. People respect him for a wealth of diverse reasons. He’s a blockchain technology aficionado who guides the way for people in the field all of the time. His existence started in picturesque Tulle, France. He relocated thousands and thousands of miles away to South Africa when he was merely a teenager, too. His dad chose to uproot the household for his tilting career. Serge Belamant after that signed up to go to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He learned all about both technology and the computer sciences at the public research institution.

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Serge Belamant has been lucky enough to team up with all sorts of businesses. These businesses have spanned a broad assortment of varied fields as well. He has a devotion to coding that’s unrivaled. He likes to code software that revolves around digital financial processes.

This businessman established Net1 UEPS Technologies at the end of the eighties. This was his debut company. It was one that concentrated on the production of in-depth networks for universal electronic payments. People frequently refer to these simply as UEPS. Serge Belamant was in charge of putting these networks together all on his own. VISA reached out to the professional in the middle of the nineties. The massive company requested that he devise a card that has pre-authorization. These cards are a staple in contemporary society in recent times.

Zilch Technology Limited runs out of the United Kingdom. It’s just one of the businesses Belamant works for regularly. It’s not the only one he works for, though. That’s because he manages Prism Group Holdings duties, too. Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions is yet another business that’s a big part of Belamant’s day-to-day routine. He does a lot of Board of Advisors work. Belamant has a wonderful son by the name of Philip. He’s an effective IT (Information Technology) engineer. Philip has established a business that revolves around the setup of games that are mobile.

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