Jed McCaleb is a famous American programmer and expert in blockchain cryptocurrency. He started the first Bitcoin exchange in the world, Mt Gox. Jed McCaleb and Sam Yagan, his fellow developer in 2000 developed eDonkey. Later on in 2014 after noticing some small issues present in the financial system in the globe at large, he and Joyce Kim coupled up to start Stellar, a universal network geared towards increasing economic involvement for all continents.

After realizing what Bitcoin was and getting to be well versed with the many problems that could be solved using the technology of Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb got the idea for Stellar. This was the idea of creating a digital currency that will link financial institutions. This meant that the concept of Bitcoin gave birth to the one behind Stellar. All that Bitcoin facilitated is the mobility of value and now the game changer, Stellar, came to link institutions to one another. Stellar was aimed at connecting the people who are unbanked worldwide.

The success of Stellar is highly attributed to the hard work and determination of Jed McCaleb; he attributes his success to spending lots of time developing plans and strategies. His focus is always on planning since he knows that one cannot be successful with the wrong goals at first. He further says that nothing matters depending on how productive you can be when you have poor strategies. Jed McCaleb mastered the art of being focused on the most appropriate things and avoiding any distractions that are bound to come on the way to what we are expecting to achieve in the long run.

Jed McCaleb highly commends the internet as it has facilitated the ease in marketing very great products and that gave him a great reason to create a great product called Stellar, which will make good use of the internet which fulfills a significant need in the global scale.

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