Students who go to public schools in New York City may not have the learning methods that they need to be able to succeed. These schools focus on test-taking only and that is something that does not allow children to learn the true suject matter. It only allows them to learn how to take tests. Success Academy wants to battle that and they want to be able to help students who are struggling in public schools.

This is something that has given them the chance to be able to grow and something that has also allowed them the chance to make things better for all of the students who come to the school. Throughout the time that Success Academy has been operating, they have been offering a premier learning experience for all of the students who come to the school. This is something that they have wanted to do and something that has allowed them to be successful.


While some of the things that they do are more strict than what the public schools offer, they do it so that the students will be able to learn. They only want their students to learn and they know that the right way to do it is having a more intense learning curriculum. They also have the ability to have longer school days and do not rely on the minimum that is set by the state. This has given them the chance to make their curriculum better and more inclusive for all of the students that they serve.


Since Success Academy can offer more for their students, their students are able to learn more about the things that they should be doing. Despite the fact that Success Academy does not focus on tests and on things that students should be doing for tests, they continuously score higher on the tests that they have. It has been something that has allowed Success Academy to do more for their students and they have been able to try new things so that people will be able to do things with their school career.

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