Chaz Dean is the man behind the highly rated WEN hair products such as hair conditioner and shampoo. Chaz developed a very incredible passion for him in the hair care products. This led him to a cosmetology school in pursuit of knowledge about cosmetics and particularly hair care products. Unlike every other cosmetologist who went ahead to be stylists, he took a different path of developing hair products. Through commitment, dedication, and passion, WEN was incepted.


Due to his passion for transforming the hair products industry, Chaz invested most of his time developing a latherless hair cleansing product. He took time to develop, test, and verify a precise formula for the product. The WEN hair cleansing conditioner is the start of a beautiful, stronger, healthier, shinier, and fluffier hair. This hair conditioner is made for women and has gained massive popularity among women over the years. It contains the right chemical composition to take ultimate care for your hair. The WEN cleansing conditioner has brought a new concept in hair care and hair cleaning. This product cleanses your hair without foam while treating your scalp with natural oils, visit

Every girl deserves beautiful hair. How to use? WEN cleansing conditioner comes in handy. The product is tried and tested as fit for use on all hair types and textures. According to customers’ reviews, the hair is left moisturized, more shiny, and manageable. Also, this hair conditioner soothes the hair, maintains hair color as well as restore resilience. Using this cleanser involves three simple steps. First, you have to rinse your hair and rub it together with the right amount of the conditioner according to your hair’s thickness. The next thing is to apply the conditioner to your scalp and spread it evenly and leave it a while. The last thing you need to do is to rinse thoroughly with enough water while massaging your scalp. To obtain the best results, it is recommended you carry out the procedure twice using half of the recommended hair conditioner.

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