Long before marketing forecasters predicted the rise of video as a vital marketing tool, Talk Fusion was introducing it to entepreneurs hungry for the next big marketing trend. The app first debuted in 2007, introducing a way for businesses to create dynamic videos to help market their products. The company has stayed ahead of the game, even in today’s competitive market, by adding video chat features to their app.

The Talk Fusion app is called “Fusion on the Go” and offers a host of newly updated features, which employ the latest tech advances. It can be found in the iTunes and Google Play stores, but is only compatible with later phone models. For the iPhone, users must have iOS 7 or later and Android users must have devices operating the 4.4.3 system or a newer model.

The most exciting innovation to come to Talk Fusion’s app is their video email feature. This option lets users of the app send video emails to one another from any location. This means businesses can send more compelling messages to employees and customers alike. The shortcoming of the written word is that it doesn’t always carry the right sentiment, no matter how well a message is written. Video, on the other hand, conveys mood and emotion far more accurately. The video email feature can be used to engage customers much more effectively.

Talk Fusion has also added new features to the app itself. When making videos to add to their marketing campaign, businesses can utilize new filters. The video creation app provides a number of templates to adapt to the video and allows the user to alter display names. The new features have all been added in the hopes of encouraging greater creativity in its users. Learn more: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/02/does-the-talk-fusion-app-live-up-to-the-hype/

Bob Reina, the Talk Fusion CEO, says their app isn’t intended solely for business marketing. While that is the app’s primary focus, he says anyone is welcome to use it. The app can be used to stay in touch with loved ones via the video email function and any user can create videos to upload to social media or send to friends. The app also allows users to create private video chat rooms. Because this is all done through a mobile app, users can participate in video chats from anywhere in the world.

Talk Fusion takes advantage of the renewed popularity of video and looks for innovative ways to incorporate it into marketing. As new advances are made, the company adapts those technologies to the services to stay ahead of the game.

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