Since joining the group of experts at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Ted Bauman has played an integral role in growing the publisher into a worldwide authority regarding independent investing advice. Originally from Maryland, where he grew up on the eastern shore, Ted Bauman decided to relocate to South Africa as a young man, attending the University of Cape Town in order to study History and Economics. After graduating, Ted Bauman pursued a career in South Africa’s non-profit sector, where he operated as an executive for 25 years. During that time span, Ted Bauman helped to found a variety of groundbreaking initiatives, including Slum Dwellers International, which has assisted more than 14 million people from 35 countries around the world. Today, Ted Bauman is the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Alpha Stock Report, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter, and he recently collaborated with his father, former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman, on a book entitled, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally). Today, Mr. Bauman is a resident of Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his family. View Ted’s profile on linkedin.

Banyan Hill Publishing, originally named The Sovereign Society, is a publisher that focuses on providing valuable information to independent investors, that is not readily available on Wall Street. Ever the growing business, Banyan Hill Publishing currently has a readership that consists of over 400,000 daily viewers, making it one of the most significant publishers of investment advice regarding “total wealth.” The Sovereign Society, which was officially rebranded as Banyan Hill publishing in 2016, was founded in 1998, and quickly established itself as a leading authority concerning United States dollar diversification, offshore bank accounts, foreign residency, and global asset protection. In 2016, a significant restructuring took place, which allowed the newly created, Banyan Hill Publishing, to utilize its global network of investment advisors to focus their collective energy on providing actionable information that would help their audience attain “total wealth,” and the freedom that it provides. Today, as market volatility continues to run rampant, investors and prospective investors are left with two viable alternatives: seek help from financial advisors who are expensive and often generate cookie-cutter advice, or to go at it independently. Banyan Hill Publishing offers a viable solution that allows investors to circumvent the processes associated with utilizing a financial advisor, while also gaining pertinent advice that cannot be easily garnered on Wall Street. Read more:


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