Dr. Vijay Eswaran holds the position of Chairman of QNET and the QI Group conglomerate and is directly involved in the hospitality, selling, education and many more. He started his career in the entrepreneur world in 98 and had managed to lift QNET to the global market. Vijay is responsible for incorporating direct sales with e-commerce and with his efforts he has managed to put his company as among the top 3 players among the global distributor.

Vijay says that he saw a niche whereby a company would provide a link between direct sales and the internet globally. He says that he took his time to merge try and test all the conventional sales models with the then European market strategies. He says that QI Group now operates in more than ten countries. The company holds diverse business in various sectors of the market such as education, training, luxury products, lifestyle and property management.

Vijay studied in some of the top universities in the UK and USA. He has a stunning work record where he has engaged with top rung companies. Before he returned to Asia, he was responsible for various companies in Europe, US, Canada, and Australia before he decided to take a step into entrepreneurship.

He is also a highly sought motivational speaker who has held various lectures around the world to deal with multiple business and spiritual subjects. As a prominent philanthropist, he is involved with works in different NGO and charitable organizations. He has won various awards in this position as a philanthropist. In the year 2011, he was named the philanthropist of the year by Forbes magazine.

He has authored the successful bestseller Sphere of Silence a book that speaks about life management. He also takes credit of other three books, and he writes regularly in newspaper columns in Malaysia.

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