Southridge Capital was established in 1996 by Stephen Hicks, who acts as the current Chief Executive Officer, and is a private equity firm based in Connecticut, which provides advisory and structure finance for companies which are publicly traded. The company is committed to helping its group of client meet their need by offering innovative financial solutions. Since the beginning, they directly invested $1.8 billion into growth companies, financing over 250 companies globally. The company prides itself with a core executive team that has a deep understanding of the marketplace, and expertise when it comes to curating and executing financing plans for the Southridge’s clients. You can visit




After being active in the industry for more than 2 decades, Southridge understands the challenges and concerns that growing companies are facing, which is why their team has the skills necessary to consult on most corporate issues, on everything from becoming a publicly traded company to individualized financing techniques in order to optimize balance sheet management.



The executive team behind Southridge Capital is comprised of Stephen Hicks (Chief Executive Officer and Founder), Linda Carlsen (member of the portfolio management team), Narine Persaud (Controller and Chief Financial Officer), Henry Sargent (Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel), and Laurence Ditkoff (Director of Research).



Stephen Hicks has been active in the industry for over 30 years, and pointed out the fact that the idea for Southridge Capital started while he was still working at a small hedge fund in New York. The principal decided to return to Australia and winding down the operation was going to take him a year. At that point, Stephen Hicks decided to start his own operation, and was wallowed to continue working at the NY hedge fund while starting his own – Southridge Capital.



A typical day for Mr. Hicks starts by reviewing the Southridge Capital’s portfolio and listing items that need to be accomplished for himself and his staff. He divides the rest of his time between searching for new opportunities and making sure the current investments are on track. He considers the daily list and his focus on cash proceeds as reasons why he is more productive as an entrepreneur. You can follow their Twitter account.


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