Robert Ivy, FAIA, is one of the renowned architecture who has changed the field of architectural designs around the globe. As a result of his work ethics and competence he is the CEO, and due to his hard work, he was recognized as the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Being the Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects, the award Noel Polk Lifetime could not have come at the right time than now. The Award is presented by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) is one of the coveted honors that is only received by the few individuals due to their contributions in their careers. To show the importance of the award, just a few individuals have ever received the POLK, and they include Morgan Freeman the actor, writer Shelby Foote, artist Walter Anderson and singer Leontyne Price. The recipients are distinguished individuals who are living and have positively impacted the society.


Robert Ivy was considered to be awarded the POLK award due to his role in ensuring the general public access architecture products. MIAL President Nancy LaForge believes Robert Ivy qualifies to be awarded the honor due to his contribution in improving the accessibility of the architectural designs to all the people across the globe. Before Robert become the CEO of AIA, he worked in numerous architecture firms such as McGraw-Hill Architecture Record as the Editor-in-Chief. During his tenure, the McGraw-Hill Architecture record experienced significant growth in terms of subscription and penetrating in the global field. McGraw-Hill Architecture Record received several awards under the leadership of Robert Ivy such as the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Besides the honor and recognition, Robert propelled the McGraw to break into the Chinese market and experience explosive growth. Besides, he has published an authoritative biography Fay Jones: Architect published in 2001 which is currently in the third volume and provide insight on the American architects and their contribution.

In his tenure as the CEO of AIA, he has initiated significant reforms that have brought changes to the manner architectures conduct their day to day activities. The AIA has increased its enrollment to break a record of more than 160 years. Thus the reforms initiated by Robert Ivy has enabled the American architectures to be recognized across the globe and be allowed to work without any hindrance. On top of the numerous awards in 2017, Robert received Deans Medal from Fay Jones School of Architecture.

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