Timothy D. Armour maintains that there is no crystal ball that can foretell which funds will outperform. In order to make a reliable prediction on funds, a simple two-filter can be utilized and this filter is low expenses and high manager ownership. He does not buy into the notion of randomness when it comes to achieving results that are better than the market average in the long-term.

The Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company believes in real steps that investors can take in order to earn higher returns and enjoy a peace of mind. He advises investors to engage active managers who are willing to conduct thorough company research and provide above-average market returns.

As an Economics Degree holder from Middlebury College, Tim joined Capital Group as part of its Associates Program in 1983. He boasts thirty four years of investment experience, all which have been acquired while working at Capital Group. He has served the company as Senior Vice President of The American Funds and he has risen up the ranks to become the current Chairman of the group after his predecessor, the late Jim Rothenberg in 2015.

Under Tim’s watch, Capital Group announced its strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management in 2015. This was a move to enhance cooperation on the development of active investment strategies for both retail and institutional investors in Korea. The Seoul-based company made clear its intention of having Capital Group facilitate the achievement of its goal to become one of Asia’s top three home-grown asset management companies by the year 2020. Tim Armour informed investors that the broader plan of the two groups was to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the needs of Koreans in savings, insurance and retirement. Capital Group is set to help its partner familiarize with its style of active management as well as to avail them with management expertise in the areas of client management and business management.

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