The fictional movie, Money Monster, aims at telling the truth that happens in Wall Street and the problems that small investors experience when trading in Wall Street. The movie explains how Wall Street focuses on accredited investors while neglecting the non-accredited investors. Accredited investors are allowed to invest in certain opportunities that the small investors cannot. In his previous role, Reifler focused on making the rich become richer. However, he has now changed gears and is now focused on helping the Middle America.

Reifler explains that the three major problems that small traders experience in Wall Street are fees, access to investments and stock market risk. First, large fees are charged on small traders regardless of their portfolio performance. This means that brokers continue to accumulate wealth without necessary guaranteeing your success.  Lastly, due to the limit to accessing investment, the options available to the small traders are involved in the stock market and hence the risk.

Reifler founded Forefront capital with the aim of combating these problems. His main aim is to give the small investors power and at the same time level the playing field thus giving equal opportunities to all investments. There are no fees that are charged by Forefront Capital. In fact, the firm has designed its investments to be non-correlated to the stock market. Reifler believes that for Middle America to save smartly, they must be given access to all investments in Wall Street.

Brad reifer is popularly known for his role as the chief executive officer as well as the founder of Forefront Capital. He has held this position since the year 2009. Reifler is also the former founding partner, Chief Executive Officer and chairman Pali Capital, a renowned worldwide financial services firm.

Before he founded Pali Capital, Reifer used to work as a star trader at Refco. Reifer Trading Company was the first business that was involved in until its acquisition by Refco. Reifler has held the director position in many organizations such as: Genesis securities, Foresight Research Solutions as well as European American Investment Bank and the Sino Mercury Company where he is still a director.

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    Second, there is limit some investments in Wall streets. For instant, small traders cannot invest in hedge funds or even the private equity. It is good that the australianwritings page do have written somewhere too for them to understand too.