Tap water isn’t always what you think it is. Tap water can include impurities that aren’t exactly beneficial for someone’s health. Bottled water companies thrive thanks to people’s concerns over drinking purer water. Not all bottled water comes from the same source. Waiakea Water, a brand offering Hawaii volcanic water, certainly comes off as unique and original. For those seeking a special brand of water, Waiakea certainly delivers.

Waiakea Water comes from the filtration of volcanic water. The water literally comes from a volcano in Hawaii. The water runs through a full 14,000 feet of volcanic rock before collecting at the Mauna Loa volcano’s base. Once the water arrives at the base, it can be collected for bottling.

Hawaii volcanic water does stand out as something unique and different. Why would someone be interested in switched over from distilled water to the volcanic variety? Ryan Emmons started things rolling when he tried out some of the volcanic water near his uncle’s home. The water had such a special taste, he knew he was onto something. The bottled version of volcanic water definitely brought a special taste and texture to the market. Those traits aren’t the only things — or the main things — that set it apart. The pH level factors significantly.

Running from 0 to 14, the pH scale reflects the alkaline level in water and other beverages. Certain beverages with low pH levels could harm your teeth. With Waiakea Water, the pH scale comes in at 8.2. The number could be quite preferable to those worried about alkalinity in beverages.

A pH scale of 8.2 could help those worried about acid reflux. That’s one benefit possible from the special water. Those looking for something special from their bottled water may discover Hawaii volcano water delivers something quite different.

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