Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the most well-known names in HVAC installation and maintenance, and in addition to having their own service trucks and technicians serving under the company name, they’ve bought several other contractors over the years including Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. Now they’ve added Walton’s Heating and Air based in Southern California and both companies are delighted to be working closely with each other. This was a strategic buyout for Goettl so they could add their services where they are not present in Southern California, and it’s also allowed Walton’s to grow in ways it was struggling to without Goettl’s resources. The owner of Walton’s, Todd Longbrake has remained on in a managing role of that company. Visit achrnews.com to know more.

The reason Goettl has been so popular over the years is that customers have highly reviewed their services and have commended them for their quality work and timely finishing on HVAC systems. For many years they’ve guided homeowners on the ins and outs of heating and air conditioning in their homes, and they also have helped them understand how maintenance plans can save money. Goettl also cares about environmental impact and making sure energy consumption does not sacrifice air quality, and they have Energy Star certification on all products. Check out indeed.com for more info.

Goettl’s story has had a lot of twists and turns in its 80 years and its survival of various changes has brought it to being stronger than ever in the market today. The company began during the thick of the Great Depression when Adam and Gust Goettl explored the industrial HVAC field and setup a company in the Phoenix area of Arizona, and as the years passed on this company started taking on modern residential air conditioner manufacturing. Goettl remained in this industry over the years, though for a brief period it looked as if it might close up shop and follow suit of other HVAC manufacturers that moved overseas. But that’s when Ken Goodrich came in and bought the company, and soon it came back to life. For more details visit glassdoor.com

Goodrich has made Goettl all about finding up and coming technicians and turning them into HVAC professionals, and they’ve even sponsored scholarships at local community colleges to do so. They’ve added hundreds of jobs in Tempe, Tucson and Las Vegas in just the last couple years. But they’ve also given back to the needy in their communities by repairing air conditioners and heaters for those who couldn’t afford to have them fixed otherwise.

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