Founded in 1972, CVC Brasil Operadora is internationally recognized brand and the largest tour operator that Latina America has to offer. Co-founded by Guilherme Paulus when he was only 24 years old, the company expanded and is currently taking annual revenues of $5.2 billion, and is expected to continue to increase at a significant rate every year.

Guilherme Paulus alongside a wealthy investor who retired from the project 4 years after launching CVC, started the company as a small store next to a cinema, where there was a lot of movement. Over 4 decades later and the company is the largest travel operator in Brazil, and in 2017 alone it transported 6 million tourists.

In 2009 he sold a majority stake in the company for approximately $750 million, but he still owns 8% of CVC. Guilherme Paulus’ current project is opening stores throughout the country at a rapid pace. His plan is to open approximately 100 stores every year, especially in smaller cities with up to 50,000 people in order to attract new types of clients, and by 2020 to have a total of 2000 stores. He notes that he wants to make Brazilian travel to boutique hotels throughout the countries, where they can have incredible experiences.

GJP Hotels and Resorts is also owned by Guilherme Paulus, a company which he opened in 2005 and currently operates more than 20 facilities. He notes that 2-3 days every week he reserves to visiting GJP hotels, talking to clients and employees and understanding their needs. He also bought Webjet, a small airline with one plane, and helped it thrive and become Brazil’s third largest airline. He eventually sold Webjet in 2011 after achieving his goals.

He was elected Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017 as a result of spending $600 million of his own money to build hotels throughout Brazil. As a result of the rapid hotel expansion, 1,900 Brazilians were able to find a job. In addition, he was also won the award Personality of the Year, given by the Viagem e Turismo publication, and the Revolutionary Customer Relations award, given by the magazine Modern Customer.

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