If you research the wealthiest people on planet Earth – ranging from ultra-billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, all the way down to the not-so-paltry top 5 percent households in term of annual income – the vast majority of them accumulated substantial wealth through making smart decisions in the world of investing and financial markets.

Further, if you read into popular news media sources that revolve around financial markets, you’ll find that many of them are not easy to understand. The Oxford Club and its news media subsidiary try their hardest to explain finance and everything associated with it to both publications’ numerous readers.

Just How Popular Is The Oxford Club?

For starters, The Oxford Club was created in 1991. The organization was initially created as the Passport Club in 1989, but simply changed its named to The Oxford Club just two years later.

Most organizations that have only been around for 30 years – to be specific, less than 30 years – have nowhere near the number of members that The Oxford Club is proud to have.

How many active members does The Oxford Club have, exactly? Just short of 160,000. They don’t hail from just one area of the world, either – collectively, they reside in an astoundingly-diverse 131 countries across the world.

It Really Does Strive To Teach Its Members

Investment U is a branch of The Oxford Club that was formed in 1999 as a means of educating investors of what’s right, wrong, up, and down in managing portfolios with diversified bases of financial instruments.

Along with The Oxford Club, Investment U regularly sends newsletters to its members, with various editions recurring on daily, weekly, and monthly bases.

Las Vegas will hold its 20th reunion from March 15-18 at the city’s Four Seasons Hotel.

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