A digital wallet plays the same role as the traditional leather billfolds. PSI PAY Digital wallet create a single place where one can store debit, credit and loyalty cards. They help people to have security over their credit cards and financial papers by creating a single point from where they can be accessed. The features of a digital wallet depend on one’s location and different consumer behaviors.

The European wallet

In Europe, many digital wallets can be used to carry cash balances. They can carry different currency such as euros and pounds. Users also have the option of adding their debit cards to this wallet and withdrawing money from ATMs. Since the user is paying for products and services from the account balance, there might be cases of payment disputes and chargebacks which should be resolved by the wallet providers. To transfer money into the digital wallet, one can opt to transfer cash from a checking account. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of consumers using digital wallets. This has been made possible by the emergence of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving, and different organizations are starting to accept them as a means of payment for product and services. It is also possible to make a deposit into a digital wallet by charging a credit card.

Is a digital wallet an alternative to a bank account?

Although the PSI PAY might not offer the same benefits as a bank account, the European-style wallet can still be used to replace the conventional bank account. In fact, there are many cases of consumers and businesses that have closed their checking accounts to rely exclusively on digital wallets for financial transactions. However, for a user to survive on a digital wallet, they must be living in an area where many service providers accept mobile payments.

For users who have accepted PSI PAY as a means of storing their money, they should be careful about carrying large balances. , but in some cases, digital wallets or electronic money are not protected by the insurance. , but others such as PayPal and Venmo are not protected.


PSI PAY is a fintech company that is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. It is the founder of the EcoPayz, a European-style wallet service that allows users to sign up for free and deposit cash that can be used for purchases or transfers.



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