One of the most talked about issues in this day and age is feminism. There are a few people who believe that feminism is not about equality. However, Whitney Wolfe is one of the women that are trying to make things equal for men and women.

One thing that she has done was take a look at online dating as a whole. She has also looked at a lot of the comments that people have about online dating and has done what she can to improve it where there is a need for improvement. This is one of the reasons why her Bumble app is one of the most successful apps.

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Men and women have some complaints about online dating. Men often have a lot of trouble getting dates and have started to believe that online dating is a joke. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was address the main issue that has influenced the success of dating. She has disabled the account of men so that women are able to make the first move. This is a big thing for women who are looking for equality in dating. This is also a big thing for women who want to be empowered to live life in assertive ways.

The people who are benefiting from this change are men as well. There are a lot of men who have trouble with online dating because of the way it is set up. Women often do not have time to respond to everyone. One of the tactics that men have to do is learn how to find the right time to message someone. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe makes it easier for men to find matches. Therefore, more men are going to be able to get dates as well as find someone who they can share their lives with.


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